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Coast to Hood

August 29, 2007

IMG 9297+ +Version+2+(1+of+1)+(2) Coast to Hood

IMG 9243+(7+of+10) Coast to Hood

Out of sheer luck we decided to take a trip to Seaside last weekend to enjoy the golden warm beaches of the Oregon coast during the largest relay race in the world; Hood to Coast.  Which leads me to ask a question that I’ve been saying for years.  Whatever happened to sitting?
Everyone knows of the Hood to Coast.  However, not many people have decided to take on the much harder, and lesser known Coast to Hood.  Above is a picture of my two man team (Team Never Fail) at the start of the race.  For most of the relay we lead the field of one.  But in mile .0002 we took a wrong turn and ended up at Moe’s Restaurant.  Leading to our inevitable disqualification.  Anyways, there is always next year.  

August 21, 2007

IMG 8027 2

IMG 8002 2

I was able to shoot my first wedding! I know many wouldn’t like to hear that I’ve only done one so far. On the other hand, you have to start somewhere. I’m not ashamed of it. Mainly because things will only go up from here on out.
My wedding gallery right now is filled with only samples of wedding numro uno. Colette and Fletcher were great to shoot. They were so laid back with everything, they made the choas of getting things right the first time so much easier.

The Launch

August 6, 2007

So it has begun…I’ll be honest and say that I’m not much a writer. I say things to fast in my mind that I can’t get them out of my head and on paper in time to make any sense. Which didn’t really me much in college.

With that being said. I am off and rolling. I’ve been able to do a couple of engagement sessions and a wedding to boot.

As more projects come down the pipe, I will keep this updated.