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Mexico: The Crew

November 30, 2007

Narrowing down some of my favorites of the group was so difficult. Each individual had their own personal and unique experience during this time of service. Some focused on the outreach for the community, while others dove right into building two structures. For the majority of us we hadn’t built anything of that magnitude. Luckily we were blessed with three amazing builder-leaders. If it were for those individuals we would have ended up slapping together one of the most off-balanced, unsquared (I made that word up), and poorly cut buildings that Mexico has ever seen.

For those of you that went of this trip, I thank you. I award all of you 1 Billion points. Each family will be receiving these pictures and much more probably next week.

If you didn’t go to Mexico, I hope you enjoy limited number of pictures that I’ve beenable to share. If you’d like to see more, shoot me an e-mail.

TheCrew1 Mexico: The Crew

TheCrew2 Mexico: The Crew

TheCrew3 Mexico: The Crew

TheCrew4 Mexico: The Crew

TheCrew5 Mexico: The Crew

TheCrew6 Mexico: The Crew

TheCrew7 Mexico: The Crew

TheCrew8 Mexico: The Crew

TheCrew9 Mexico: The Crew

TheCrew10 Mexico: The Crew

TheCrew11 Mexico: The Crew

TheCrew12 Mexico: The Crew

TheCrew13 Mexico: The Crew

TheCrew14 Mexico: The Crew

TheCrew15 Mexico: The Crew

TheCrew16 Mexico: The Crew

TheCrew17 Mexico: The Crew

TheCrew18 Mexico: The Crew

TheCrew19 Mexico: The Crew

TheCrew20 Mexico: The Crew

TheCrew21 Mexico: The Crew

mmmmmmmmm………Thanksgiving Day Hotdogs.

TheCrew22 Mexico: The Crew

TheCrew24 Mexico: The Crew

Thanks again, Kevin (The designer of the community center)

Mexico: The Building

November 30, 2007

Two major character that has rose from two slabs of cement were the buildings that we built. One a house (which was pretty much completed before 2 o’clock the first day) and the second a community center. The house was for a pastor at the church and his family. Before we got to Mexico, his family was living at the church. While he was sleeping in a tent on the property that we would be building on. The community center being a much bigger job is where the majority of people helped with. Plus, we all knew that a group of rockin’ girls (code named: The pterodactyls) would be able to handle the completion of the home.

The community center entailed us building 16 foot high walls, and 24 truces. It became very humbling and scary event as soon as those walls and pieces of wood got into the air. We didn’t have enough time to finish the center, however, the next group will be able to finish the sheathing. And before you know it those kids will be playing volleyball indoors.

TheBuilding1 Mexico: The Building

TheBuilding2 Mexico: The Building

TheBuilding3 Mexico: The Building

TheBuilding4 Mexico: The Building

TheBuilding5 Mexico: The Building

TheBuilding6 Mexico: The Building

TheBuilding7 Mexico: The Building

TheBuilding8 Mexico: The Building

TheBuilding9 Mexico: The Building

TheBuilding10 Mexico: The Building

TheBuilding11 Mexico: The Building

TheBuilding12 Mexico: The Building

TheBuilding13 Mexico: The Building

Mexico: The Land

November 29, 2007

The hardest part of featuring land that is filled such poverty, is that even though you may travel to down one street that if filled with trash and homes half built out of stucco and ply board, the moment you turn the corner, the level of destitution has stayed the same. You go to a place like Tijuana and realize that for the majority of these people this will be the cycle of life that will always be constant. The children grow-up in a place where it treats them so violently that the decisions that they make are so adult and life changing that it often times directly mirrors the mistakes of those that have gone before (i.e. unplanned pregnancies).

TheLand1 Mexico: The Land

TheLand2 Mexico: The Land

TheLand3 Mexico: The Land

TheLand4 Mexico: The Land

TheLand5 Mexico: The Land

TheLand6 Mexico: The Land

Mexico: The People

November 26, 2007

************Mexico: The People: Remix

If you saw the orginal post I have changed/updated some of the pictures. If you didn’t see the first post then this is how it looked the entire time.*********************

About 9 months ago my wife, Tabatha, and I made a commitment. And no it was not have a child (sorry mom). We committed to spending our Thanksgiving break in Tijuana. Well the holiday has come and gone. And so did our time Mexico. It becomes so hard to communicate to others what we experienced, who we met, and how we tried to help these individuals.

The thing with missions trips is that they are always different. The previous three times I had been to Mexico I felt like my role was to help lead the building of a home. This time I had been asked to lead by documenting this event. Well after 1500 pictures, I’ve been able to narrow them down to some of my favorites.

Over the next couple of days (which lets be honest, it will probably turn into weeks) I will post more pictures. Each post will have a theme around it. So stay tuned.

I had so much fun taking pictures of people in the community. Again, it’s hard to explain what went on. So instead of just mumbling on and on, I’ll just show you the pics.

ThePeople8 Mexico: The People

ThePeople17 Mexico: The People

ThePeople10 Mexico: The People

ThePeople15 Mexico: The People

ThePeople14 Mexico: The People

ThePeople13 Mexico: The People

ThePeople12 Mexico: The People

ThePeople11 Mexico: The People

ThePeople21 Mexico: The People

ThePeople20 Mexico: The People

ThePeople19 Mexico: The People

ThePeople18 Mexico: The People

ThePeople16 Mexico: The People

ThePeople7 Mexico: The People

ThePeople4 Mexico: The People

ThePeople3 Mexico: The People

ThePeople5 Mexico: The People

Last month I was asked to take pictures for a local Yoga Studio called Fitness Now. They do much more then Yoga, so if you’re in the area check them out. It was a great learning expeirence. I want to personally thank FN for their patience with me in actually directing the models. They were so willing to pose for so such a long time that it almost seemed inhuman. Let just say that know what they are doing.
Yoga6 Wilson River Photography Has Gone Commerical
Yoga1 Wilson River Photography Has Gone Commerical
Yoga2 Wilson River Photography Has Gone Commerical
Yoga3 Wilson River Photography Has Gone Commerical
Yoga4 Wilson River Photography Has Gone Commerical
Yoga5 Wilson River Photography Has Gone Commerical