Mexico: The Land

November 29, 2007

The hardest part of featuring land that is filled such poverty, is that even though you may travel to down one street that if filled with trash and homes half built out of stucco and ply board, the moment you turn the corner, the level of destitution has stayed the same. You go to a place like Tijuana and realize that for the majority of these people this will be the cycle of life that will always be constant. The children grow-up in a place where it treats them so violently that the decisions that they make are so adult and life changing that it often times directly mirrors the mistakes of those that have gone before (i.e. unplanned pregnancies).

TheLand1 Mexico: The Land

TheLand2 Mexico: The Land

TheLand3 Mexico: The Land

TheLand4 Mexico: The Land

TheLand5 Mexico: The Land

TheLand6 Mexico: The Land

TheLand7 Mexico: The Land
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One Response to “Mexico: The Land”

  1. The Pomfret, with MrDonut and Sally of the Valley. All photos N.Walker. says:

    Thanks for the photos. I have become so impermeable to tv and musical attempts to relieve poverty, they just give nothing but motion of light and motion of sound, but your photographs just sit there and the poverty pours out of them. You didn’t even need to show a sick child or mother or heart-numbed father. They were inside every building you shot.

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