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The Noah

December 12, 2007

Cute, cute, cute! Noah was born on Thanksgiving day. And his mom tells me he has been gaining weight like a mad man. Which means he’s their little lineman. Babies at this age sometimes seem to have two different faces a sleep and crying. Well he’s got more than that.

Noah15 The Noah

Noah13 The Noah

Noah5 The Noah

Noah15 The Noah

Noah8 The Noah

Noah10 The Noah

Noah20 The Noah

Noah19 The Noah

The Scanlon’s

December 10, 2007

Last stop of the weekend was the Scanlon’s. Even though they asked for a quick shoot, I was surprised at the number of good photos that came out of the afternoon. It’s always fun to take pictures of large groups. It never fails that when everyone looks great, there is always one person with their eyes closed, or strange contortion of a face. But that’s why photographers take so many pictures. I hope they enjoy their non-conventional Christmas pictures.

Scanlons1 The Scanlons

Scanlons3 The Scanlons

Scanlons2 The Scanlons

The Engelman’s

December 10, 2007

Saturday started a two day family portrait picturepoluza. The Engelman’s live out it in Beaver Creek, OR. If you don’t know where that is, go east of Oregon City and right before you get to Idaho you’re almost there.

The drive didn’t matter though. I love the Beaver Creek area, and the people that live there are pretty cool too. Plus nothing beats finishing a great shoot, and then playin’ a couple of rounds of Halo 3 with the boys.

Engelmans1 The Engelmans

Engelmans4 The Engelmans

Engelmans5 The Engelmans

Engelmans3 The Engelmans

Engelmans2 The Engelmans