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January 29, 2008

So it begins.

I’m so excited for 2008. I’ve already been able to book a couple of weddings and I can’t wait to shoot these couples over the next year.

My first wedding was with Christy and John. They were married in a little town just outside of Redmond, OR. And I’ll tell you what, they now how to put on a party. But what I liked about it the most was how intimate the cermony was. I dub this the best wedding of ’08 that I’ve been to. simple smile The Spagles

Spagles6 The Spagles

Spagles3 The Spagles

Spagles5 The Spagles

Spagles7 The Spagles

Spagles8 The Spagles

Spagles2 The Spagles

Spagles4 The Spagles

Spagles1 The Spagles
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