The Quinn

February 11, 2008

Our friends Tammie and Coby had a brand new baby boy last week. We are so happy for them, and Quinn is so cute you just want to put him into a cuteness factory and replicate his cutenessness (which is not a word (until now!))

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A friend just pointed out that Quinn’s last name is Cagle and the wedding I just shot was for the Spagle’s. So I’m taking applications for anyone with the last name that rhymes with “agle”.

Possible Examples: The Lagles, The Spluntagles, or the The Bagles.

Quinn64 The Quinn

Quinn23 The Quinn

Quinn25 The Quinn

Quinn34 The Quinn

Quinn67 The Quinn

Quinn69 The Quinn
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One Response to “The Quinn”

  1. Jon says:

    Tammie & Coby,

    Congratulations on your new edition. Hope everything is going well for you guys up there. Your baby is adorable. My two are 17, and 14, they grow up really fast. Take care, and we will keep praying for you.

    Your friend,
    MDPC-Maintenance Supervisor

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