The Colson’s

June 3, 2008

So I realized when I was going through the photos of my wife and I had two options when it came to printing some of them and decorating the house. Option 1: Wedding Photos, and Option 2: MySpace pictures of me holding the camera Tabatha and I squeezing into the frame. Now I know Mom wouldn’t like that. So I talked my friend Bethany Fegles into a photo exchange. Check her out here. Here are my favorites. And before I get any e-mails from my mom, “sometimes it’s ok to not smile in a photo.”

Family1 The Colsons

Family6 The Colsons

Family5 The Colsons

Family4 The Colsons

Family2 The Colsons

Family3 The Colsons

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One Response to “The Colson’s”

  1. Bethany Fegles Photography says:

    Amazing photography!! :)
    Thanks for the shoot trade! That was a lot of fun. You two are a blast and I always end up laughing a bunch when we all hang out – let’s do it more often!

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