The Khanh & Bree

June 19, 2008

I think that these two have been watching a lot of America’s Next Top Model. Just remember “it’s in the eyes.” This shoot rocked my socks off, while i had shoes on. It was crazy!

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bree&k1 The Khanh & Bree

bree&k2 The Khanh & Bree

bree&k3 The Khanh & Bree

bree&k4 The Khanh & Bree

bree&k5 The Khanh & Bree

bree&k6 The Khanh & Bree

bree&k7 The Khanh & Bree

bree&k8 The Khanh & Bree
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3 Responses to “The Khanh & Bree”

  1. Bethany Fegles Photography says:

    Great work Tyler!! You rocked my flip-flops off with these amazing photos! :)

  2. John and Natalee Warren says:

    Great pics Tyler! I’m impressed! We are visting in July-hope to see you at the office! :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tyler! Awesome Work! Bryan and I are getting really excited……. we would love to do an engagement session towards the end of August if you’re available!

    -Laura Knoop

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