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The McNeal’s

July 25, 2008

Rick and Christine dished out a sweet, sweet serving of chillada’s for their weddings. Desserts, bonefires, camping, swimming, dancing, and a cannon!


rick&christine1 The McNeals

rick&christine2 The McNeals

rick&christine3 The McNeals

rick&christine4 The McNeals

rick&christine5 The McNeals

The Kris and Amanda

July 10, 2008

I’ve known Amanda for years, which why it was so cool that she has asked me to photograph her wedding. So the other day we decided to brave the high gas prices to meet up and take some engagement photos.

*FYI (For Your Information): getting engagement pictures are a great idea, for most couples I meet the only have pictures they have of themselves are in the style of the classic Myspace photo. You know the one, where whomever has the longest arms holds out the camera slightly elevated over the photoee’s head.

amanda&kris5 The Kris and Amanda

amanda&kris4 The Kris and Amanda

amanda&kris2 The Kris and Amanda

amanda&kris3 The Kris and Amanda

amanda&kris1 The Kris and Amanda

The Oxford’s

July 10, 2008

Funtastic! More love is in this world because Matthew and Amber are married. It’s just that simple.

matt&amber1 The Oxfords

matt&amber2 The Oxfords

matt&amber3 The Oxfords