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The Laura & Bryan

August 29, 2008

The Pearl District is pretty cool. But not as cool as these two. Nough said!

B&L001 The Laura & Bryan

B&L002 The Laura & Bryan

B&L003 The Laura & Bryan

The Shratter’s

August 21, 2008

Beautifully Epic. Three wardrobe changes, interviewed by the news, one the coolest spots in Portland, and more out country guests that you can shake a stick at. “Who rocks the party that rocks the party come on!”


jo damon005 The Shratters

jo damon007 The Shratters

jo damon003 The Shratters

jo damon002 The Shratters

jo damon006 The Shratters

jo damon008 The Shratters

jo damon001 The Shratters

jo damon004 The Shratters

jo damon009 The Shratters

The OneLight Workshop

August 15, 2008

“I know Kung Fu.”

Wednesday I was able to attend the OneLight Workship. We started around 9:30AM and ended at 1:30 the next day. Brain exploding in 3……2……1…..pow!

“I know headshots.”

onelight001 The OneLight Workshop

onelight003 The OneLight Workshop

onelight002 The OneLight Workshop