The New Road

November 18, 2008

I’ve heard that when the market takes a dip it’s a recession, but when you lose your job it’s a depression. Well two weeks ago, the contract on my main account ran out and also because of current market conditions, I was let go from my job.

But I can truly say is that I am not depressed.

For last three and half years I have had the pleasure of working for a company that I will use as a measuring stick to all other positions that I may fill. The Surgeon General even contacted me to make sure I properly warning future employers that the bar has been set very high.

The possibility still stands that I may go full-time with my photography. So if you know of anyone that is looking for Wedding Photographer please have them contact me. I am branching out into the corporate world, doing professional headshots and office portraits.

Now I’m not sure what the future holds, but I know God has a hand in all of this.

new001 The New Road
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5 Responses to “The New Road”

  1. Tabatha says:

    Right on honey! I love you and your talent =)

  2. tammiethebestbcisalesgirl says:

    how precious are you two????? great picture by the way. and I hear you about setting the bar. although if you just work for yourself, no more meeting mondays, awkward moments on the phone overheard and mocked by your fellow colleagues, and (even though we haven’t had this for a while) no one to come behind you while you are on the phone to mess with you, tickle you, and bite your banana.

  3. Bethany Fegles Photography says:

    I love this shot Tyler! Beautiful. I’d love a family portrait right there! Oooo..

  4. John and Natalee Warren says:

    Hey there, these are both great shots! I just heard the news about the lay-offs.I am sorry to hear about them but you are exactly right, God has his hand in it and even more true that it is in his hands. (sounds cheesy I know). Hope everythings else is going well.

  5. Comet Aamodt says:

    You are amazing Tyler – your attitude and your photography! I know God’s gotcha covered! ;o)

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