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Every wedding I shoot I try to make it a point to pull the bride and groom aside right before they go “on.” Most of the time, by this point in day they are both a bundle of nerves. They are nervous about the logistics of the day…is everyone in the right place, are people having fun, and oh yeah, they’re about to get flippin’ married!
I believe brides instinctively soak up the ceremony a little more than the groom might. But it doesn’t hurt to remind the guy that this is the moment. So when I pull him aside I try to say; “This is it. There will be many times in your marriage that you will remember how much you love her. Make this one of those moments. Be present, take it all in, notice how your bride looks today. You will probably not remember a single word the pastor says, but you will remember how she smiles, so look at your bride. I’m sure you don’t want pictures 20 years from now of you staring intently into the pastor’s eyes (those always turn out creepy). Have fun, smile and again, congratulations.” But usually by this time I’m getting caught up in the moment so what really comes out is “duuurrrrrrrr….you should look at your bride, she’s pretty.”
So if I didn’t say that to you at your wedding, or I’m not able to in any future events, that is what I mean.

The Skate Park 2.0

February 20, 2009

A couple more for ya. FACE!

skate003 The Skate Park 2.0

skate004 The Skate Park 2.0

skate005 The Skate Park 2.0

skate006 The Skate Park 2.0

The Skate Park {Sneak}

February 19, 2009

I finally got out to take some photos of local riders. Here’s a sneak.

skate001 The Skate Park {Sneak}

The Jake

February 13, 2009

He may only be one year old, but he already knows how to rock the party.


jake001 The Jake

jake002 The Jake

jake004 The Jake

jake006 The Jake

jake007 The Jake

jake0010 The Jake


February 4, 2009

Alright, so back in the day I was once a groom. My bride felt it best that I stand in front of others on our day, rather than looking behind a camera. And one thing that I’ve found is that there are books written for brides, however, I have yet to see list of helpful antidotes on how to be a great groom.

So from time to time I’ll be posting some advise as a previous groom (that wasn’t very good at his job) and as photographer that has gotten a chance to see many wonderful events.