Failing Forword

September 25, 2011

It’s been too long since my last post. So I ask for your forgiveness. My plan is to work hard at updating my posts with the work I’ve been up to, but haven’t had the time to share.

Life has been crazy in so many ways, but mostly it has resolved around my family. You see back on March 3rd, my son was born. Aside from a couple of minor things Zachary’s first month was absolutely amazing and as sleepless as every first time parents would expect. But as time went on we learned he had some health issues that required more TLC than most children. It has take all of our strength to stay positive and to try and keep our heads above water.

Fast forward 6 months and things are starting to calm down. So again I apologize, it was never my intention to take so long to give everyone a glimpse into the projects that I’m really excited about.

tigard baby photography 001 Failing Forword

tigard baby photography 002 Failing Forword

Stay Tuned.

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